catalyst: a chaotic instrument for ios

think about a sound. what makes that sound unique? it's timbre, pitch, volume? now imagine each of those "sounds" as players in a game. you're the gamemaster. you create as many players as you want with exclusive personalities, but you also get to change their shapes, elasticities, longevities. suddenly, you've constructed a symphony of bizarre, recurrent sounds. and it's beautiful. and it was easy. and it's free.

catalyst will change the way you think about your idevice

record your voice, your surroundings, or even your favorite songs onto "beat-balls" that play whenever they hit the edges of your device. fling them at (near) light-speed, a tortoise pace, or to the beat of your favorite song to create your own infinitely-long compositions. emulate your favorite video game, create a symphony, or even put together live mash-ups of pop songs. The stage is set— are you ready to pick up the baton?

coming soon

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