A Simpler Status Bar, One Circle at a Time.

Creating a dynamic, minimal, and beautiful status bar has never been easier. By letting you replace the signal, wifi/data, and battery icons with informative and personalized circles, Circlet is a must have for themers and iOS lovers alike. From start to finish, every detail of Circlet has been thought through and through again, lifting the weight off of every status bar you'll ever see again. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Circlet is also as lightweight as humanly possible. There are no WinterBoard or Alkaline requirements, and not even a single respring is needed to enjoy every feature. In addition, every "Circlet" is generated as-needed, without any saved assets, letting you get back to enjoying your precious megabytes of space. It's all in the code (which will be open sourced shortly after release).

Supports all iPhones and iPod Touches on iOS 7. iPad support coming soon. To be prepared for the many updates to come, and get your foot in the door, make sure to follow me on Twitter.


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